Why is drinking water good for you?

Сите добри работи што водата ги внесува во вашето тело.
Добрата хидратација е од витално значење за одржување на вашето тело да работи онака како што треба.

На крајот на краиштата, имате до 60% H2O. Практично на секој ваш дел му треба за да напредува. Значи, што се случува кога водата ќе влезе во вас?

Good, good, good… good hydration
There is not much in your body that will not get the impetus from being well hydrated. Here's an overview of how water helps you: it contributes to maintaining a normal body temperature, cognitive function and physical function.
In fact, water is absolutely essential for life - you can not live more than 3-5 days without it.

How much should you drink a day?
To stay healthy, the water in the body needs to stay at a fairly constant level. This means that whatever you lose every day should be replaced with approximately the same amount.
Колку вода ни треба варира од личност до личност и зависи од различни работи. Како и колку сте активни, вашата возраст и пол, дали сте бремени и колку е топла и студена температурата околу вас*.
Water has always been one of the best ways for healthy hydration. So make sure you get enough in each day to give yourself the best chance of feeling at the top of your game.
Do you know the difference between natural mineral water and spring water?
* Water contributes to maintaining normal physical and cognitive function and normal regulation of body temperature. At least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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