Ладна-Вода со висок квалитет, која има големи поволности, како за возрасните, така и за децата кои ја конзумираат. Ладна вода е препознатлива по тоа што contributes to complete detoxification of the body, removes toxins from the body and regulates body temperature. Full of freshness, completely protected from external influences, Ladna reaches you with a completely unchanged composition and quality.

Available in returnable PC packaging of 19l.


The factory in the village of Vakav, Kratovo region, has a fully automated line for filling non-returnable glass and PET packaging with a capacity of 12,000 l / h and fully automated syrup, in accordance with legal regulations and all rules of good manufacturing practice.

From the source to the filling plant, water is transported through a closed system completely protected from all external influences.

The plant performs mechanical filtration and absolute 0.2 micron microbiological filtration in order to obtain the highest quality and impeccably safe product.

The packaged product, ready for consumption, is distributed to the sales and catering facilities in strictly controlled conditions, with its own fleet.

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