Горска-Една од нај наградуваните води во Македонија, која е препознатлива по својот специфичен изворски вкус и совршена комбинација на chemical composition and ideal Ph value, which make mountain water one of the highest quality water on the market. What is remarkable about this water is that it has significant benefits for the whole organism and the digestive system. If good quality water is introduced into the body, then the general condition of the body will be satisfactory.

Available in non-refundable 10l and returnable PC packaging of 19l.

The process of production of GORSKA water consists of two parts:

  • The first part is a water treatment, where it is filtered through "polish filters" without any chemical treatment, while retaining its natural chemical composition;

  • The second part from the process of production of packaged water is filling and packaging in appropriate packaging.




The entire process of filling GORSKA water takes place according to "Ultra clean" technology for production of packaged water, which meets the highest world standards for hygienically healthy, safe and quality product.

For complete satisfaction of all tastes, the water is packaged in PET and in glass packaging. It is sold as non-carbonated and carbonated, and covers all market segments: family PET packaging of 19l, 10l, 6l, 1.5l, 1l and 0.5l. GORSKA is a leader in bottling and distribution of water in packaged, returnable packaging of 19 liters and non-returnable packaging of 10 liters.

Due to all this GORSKA is a unique and correct choice for refreshment on every occasion.

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