We are all told to drink more water and stay hydrated (especially when running and exercising), but what are the health benefits of drinking water? Water is very important for all our bodily functions and organs. Continue reading to learn about the health benefits of water and the effects of dehydration on the brain.

What does water do to our bodies?
So why do we need water? Well, water helps your brain cells communicate with each other, which is important when you go out during the day. Water also cleanses toxins and waste products that impair brain function. Not to mention, it also carries nutrients to your brain to keep your brain healthy. Of course, we need a healthy brain and body if we want to keep exercising and running as best we can. All of these functions can be broken down if the fluid level drops, and we do not want that!

How does water help our brain?
There are many health benefits to drinking water, especially for our brain. Not only sound health but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Staying hydrated is related to:

Better concentration and improved short-term memory
Higher test scores in an educational context
Improved focus and reduced mental fatigue - this is especially important when running! Building mental resilience is very beneficial
Stronger cognitive functioning everywhere, including greater alertness, less confusion, and even improved learning. Again, extremely important for endurance, so that you can achieve your goals
Faster decision making and improved cognitive test performance.
These effects feel great and can enhance our quality of life by adding just one more step to your daily routine!

What are the effects of dehydration on the brain?
The effects of dehydration on the brain can be really negative. Of course, dehydration can affect any part of your body, but your brain, even a small amount - even 1% - can affect your cognitive function. Keeping mentally sharp, as we know it, is imperative to run. According to Your Heights (2021), your brain is functioning at a lower level when you do not drink enough during the day. This can then affect your mental resilience. Here are some symptoms you may experience when you are not properly hydrated:

Memory loss
Poor focus and attention
Slow processing of information
It is always important to prioritize hydration to avoid any of these effects on your brain and body.

How do I stay hydrated?
Whether it is natural mineral water or spring water, we should strive for 2-3 liters of water per day, on average. For those who like alcoholic beverages or caffeinated beverages, it is suggested that an extra serving of water can help you achieve your water intake goals. As enjoyable as these drinks are, they also (unfortunately) dehydrate.

However, it is also suggested that water intake and specific needs vary based on your physical activity, your lifestyle habits and more. For example, athletes who work out hard will need a lot more water on a daily basis than someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle. For runners, consider how much you sweat or live in a warm country and adjust your water intake accordingly.

4 ways to support your daily hydration
Во оваа дигитална ера, ја имаме користа од технологијата која ќе ви помогне со внесот на вода. Апликациите на вашите телефони се одличен начин да ве потсетат да пиете вода. Можете да ги вклучите вашите известувања и да пиете голтка секој пат кога ќе го слушнете тој мал звук. Еве неколку апликации кои Buxton® ги предлага за да ви помогнат да пиете вода, за да можете да ги искористите здравствените придобивки од водата за пиење –

Living water
Hydro coach
Daily water monitoring reminder
If you need that little extra pressure to get your health benefits from water, this can be a great tool to use!

With endurance, we know you can experience the health benefits of drinking water. This can also help you discover how to stay hydrated while traveling or how hydration can help you while exercising (we highly recommend this for athletes!).

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