AQUABAR is an official distributor of the brand GORSKA and an importer of high quality water dispensers for domestic use. We distribute 19LĀ gallons filled with GORSKA water.

Our goal is to deliver healthy and clean drinking water to your home and your workplace. From 2006 onwards, more than 125,000 satisfied customers use our services.


GORSKA is a high quality mineral water that springs into one of the cleanest ecologically unpolluted environments in the Balkans. The Trnskot spring is located 1100 m above sea level in the region of Kozuf Mountain. GORSKA contains a natural balance of magnesium and calcium and a low percentage of minerals and a dry matter residue of only 168 mg / l. Due to the low-mineral composition, the consumption of GORSKA is allowed in unlimited quantities during the day. GORSKA is the only spring water in Macedonia that is subject to regular control by the leading European institute “SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS” from Germany.

GORSKA is the right choice for you and your family’s health.


The 19 liter gallons of Aquabar are made of polycarbonate return packaging and do not have any harmful effect on water.

In order to maintain water quality, it is necessary to sanitize water dispensers every 6 months.


Water delivery is done to the address you will specify on the territory of Skopje at the latest 24 hours from your order.

AQUABAR performs servicing of water dispensers as well as their sanitation followed by mechanical and bacteriological cleaning.


Watercoolers Europe is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 and works on the interests of the industry for the production of water dispensers.

WE is recognized throughout Europe because it encourages its members to improve quality standards for their products and services at a much higher level. The goal is to provide healthy and quality drinking water to all consumers.

Aquabar is the first Macedonian member of the WEA Association.